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First Aid Kit Sale

Great Deals On All Of Our First Aid Kits

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  • Emergency First Aid

    EMT style major trauma kits, first responder, severe bleeding and burn kits, HED environment/ disaster, Life Saver and Traveler kits.

  • Ready-to-fill first aid kits, wall mounted cabinets, portable, plastic and fabric first aid bags and first responder bags, first aid kit and wall signs, and wall-mounting hardware.

  • Industrial First Aid Cabinets and Stations

    Wall-mounted or portable metal/plastic cabinet first aid kits for ANSI/OSHA/ Cal OSHA compliance. Food service, office, construction, child care...

  • Soft and hard shell small, mini and wallet-style kits, vehicle kits, sports kits, and large selection of first aid kit refills designed to refill the kit you already have.

  • Adhesive Bandages

    A wide selection of quality bandages includes heavy duty, flexible fabric, sheer strips, metal detectable, small, large, extra large, and dots.

  • Antiseptics

    Antibiotic ointments and creams, antiseptic wipes and swabs, hand sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant, topicals and sprays for infection protection.

  • Bites & Stings

    Great line up of products to relieve or eliminate pain and suffering from things that sting and bite.

  • Burn Care

    Hydrogels, ointments, creams, sprays, emergency burn blankets and specialty burn first aid kits.

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First Aid Kits Online is the place to find the quality first aid kits you need that you just can’t find anywhere else. Our selection includes 11 different emergency first responder kits as well as 14 wall mountable industrial first aid kits. First Aid Kits Online is also a great place to shop for portable and specialty first aid kits including kits for sports, travel and OSHA compliance.


First Aid Kits Online also stocks the quality first aid supplies you need to restock your first aid kits. Every item you find in one of our first aid kits is available when you run short, so first aid kits purchased from First Aid Kits Online provides a permanent solution to your first aid needs.


First Aid Kits Online is also your source for custom first aid kits. We offer a wide variety of standard steel and plastic cabinets and boxes as well as nylon first responder bags which can all be custom screened with your company logo. Build your kit from the ground up in whatever quantity you need. Simply contact us with your first aid kit specifications and we’ll get back to you with a quote.